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What is 1P-LSD?

What is 1P-LSD?

Chances are that over the years you have heard of LSD; more commonly known as acid, or scientifically known as lysergic acid diethylamide. 

Regardless of which name you’ve heard, LSD is a well-known psychedelic substance that has been used over history for a variety of effects. LSD is most known for its ability to provide users with intensified thoughts, emotions, and sensory perception. 

When taken in large quantities; users may experience visual and auditory hallucinations. 

However, recent discoveries have shown that when LSD is taken in small quantities (known as a microdose), users benefit from increased energy, a boost in creativity, heightened spirituality, and improved relationships with others. 

Dr. James Fadiman, who is known as the “father of microdosing” for his comprehensive research on microdosing, has spent the past decade collecting reports from microdosers and has analyzed the changes in their lives. 


1P-LSD (also known as 1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide), is a psychedelic substance that is subjectively similar to LSD. 

When comparing the chemical makeup of 1P-LSD vs LSD  we can see that the difference between the two is that 1P-LSD has a small propionyl group bonded to the 1-position of LSD’s indole ring. 

However, when comparing these substances in regards to how they make users feel, we can see that they are practically identical. 


In Canada, 1P-LSD is not mentioned within the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, which means it is 100% legal to microdose within Canada.

If you reside in Canada, and are interested in experiencing microdosing 1P-LSD, we encourage you to book a one-on-one consultation with us or view our selection of microdosing kits, here! 

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