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About Us

Who We Are

Neurodose is a human optimization company dedicated to improving mental health through microdosing psychedelics. We believe microdosing can be the catalyst for an individual to completely revamp their lifestyle and overall well being. We are on a mission to share this with the masses and to reduce the stigma around these healing medicines.

Nadeem Jiwani

Co – Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Nadeem Jiwani is the owner of Float Valley, a wellness center located in Markham, Ontario that focuses on Float Therapy, Infrared Saunas, and other unique biohacking modalities. Originally inspired by his own personal experience with float therapy, Nadeem was overwhelmed by the benefits it delivered, and has since been driven to find various methods such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, cold therapy and psychedelics as ways to help optimize every aspect of life. This has led him to expand his offerings and co-create a CBD business (Flow CBD) and a microdosing business (Neurodose) which are also aimed at the goal to help individuals heal and expand consciousness.

Liam Donevan

Co – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

My passion is to help people tap into their full potential and improve their overall quality of life.
I truly believe that my best opportunity to help the most amount of people is through Psychedelics and Microdosing.
I have personally witnessed the dramatic improvements in my father’s Parkinsons symptoms, which has landed me a front-row seat to it’s healing properties and enlightening potential.
After seeing improvements in my fathers’s health, I have become very passionate about sharing the healing benefits of these products to the world.

Advisory Board

Shafik Jiwani

Serial entrepreneur and a seasoned technology executive

Shafik is a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned technology executive. Shafik has done a technology startup called Orion Technology Inc. After only 8 years, becoming a major Information Technology player for municipal government, utility, and land information, Orion was acquired by a large publicly traded international firm that was keen to apply Orion’s formula in a wider international market. Shafik has held senior positions in major global businesses in Canada, United Kingdom, and the Middle East.

Fouad Sayde

Physician of sports and exercise medicine

 Fouad is a physician of sports and exercise medicine at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario before obtaining his medical degree at the University of Balamand in Beirut, Lebanon.  Following that, he completed his fellowship in Sports Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, where he was one of the team doctors for the Detroit Lions (NFL), Detroit Tigers (MLB), and University of Detroit Mercy men’s/women’s varsity soccer and men’s/women’s basketball program (NCAA Division I).  He is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and, in particular, psychedelic plant medicine. He is committed to advocating and lobbying for universal access to psychedelic medicines through the scientific process and evidence-based research.

Areef Nurani

Optometrist graduated with honors in Binocular Vision and Vision Therapist

Dr. Nurani began his university career at the University of Victoria where he studied microbiology under the John Malkin full scholarship. He then went to the University of Waterloo School of Optometry. While at Waterloo, Dr. Nurani did research in electro diagnostics and worked with developmentally challenged patients. Dr. Nurani graduated in 1993 on the Dean’s honor list, winning top awards for contact lenses care and binocular vision. To this day Dr. Nurani remains passionate about his patients and insists on treating them as he would his family. Dr. Nurani is excited to offer vision therapy to his patients in order to improve binocular vision

Rob Donevan

B.Sc. Arts ‘82 Queen’s U.
M.Sc. PE (exercise physiology) ‘84 (QU)
MD ‘88 (QU)
Family Medicine Residency Memorial U. St. John’s NFLD

Rob spends a bulk of his time counselling patients toward illness prevention through lifestyle modification – specifically in the realm of diet and exercise

Jack Curran

Content Creator & Social Media Manager

Jack is a photographer who manages all of our social media and creative content, he has been pursuing photography for the past 6 years. He attended Ryerson for photography for three semesters but then decided to leave school so he could focus on pursuing photography in the real world. He went on a solo road trip for 3 months across Canada and the US to expand his portfolio. Right before covid he went on a 3 month trip all over Asia to continue and expand his portfolio. He is a big believer in the healing powers of psychedelics and what they’re going to do for this planet, so when asked to join the team it was too perfect for him to pass up.

Evi Donevan

Psychotherapist specializing in trauma, grief, individual and marriage

Evi is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma, grief, individual and marriage counselling.  She has a Masters in Psychotherapy and Divinity and has extra training in EFT (Emotional Focused Therapy), EMDR, Trauma Processing, CBT, IFS.


Alexander Petrogiani

Graduate of the University of Toronto specializing in mental health

Alexander (ALX) is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto specializing in mental health. He is an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher and holds two black belts in both Nerkin Ouj and Arnis De Mano/Balintawak. ALX is a co-director of the Karma Projects and has recently self-published a book, “The Yog in Yoga” with 100% of the proceeds going towards orphaned at-risk children in Peru. His book discusses the essence of yoga through an interdisciplinary lens that transcend both the literal and allegorical, weaving spiritual exegesis through awakened consciousness and unconditional love. He currently lives in Toronto and teaches online @inthespirityoga and in-person Altea Active Toronto and at Tribespace Yoga.

Why Did we Create Neurodose?

To improve millions of people’s lives by harnessing the power of psychedelics to help people transform their mind.

Microdosing is:

  • Safe, effective and low cost
  • Easy to use
  • Fits into your schedule
  • Lasts the whole day


Neurodose utilizes legal psychedelic analogues to create microdosing kits and other products for research purposes for independent labs, chemists and researchers. Our products are not sold for human consumption or veterinarian use.

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